About us

Who are we?

People are our sole purpose.

We see companies as an extension of the people who form them, and so we act in keeping with this idea. Our goal is to help our clients reach their professional objectives, identifying together the unique opportunities in order to make this possible.

Founded in 2014, we offer financial advice in Corporate Finance and Asset Management in the middle market sector of Spain. Our offices are located in Madrid (Spain) and we work for both national and international clients.

We stay by our clients’ side long-term, ensuring they are able to reach their goals. To that end, we focus on the complementarity of our team’s profiles—profiles always focused on our clients’ goals, while at the same time offering different perspectives.

What we do

We are a team of people specialized in offering financial advice in the areas of Corporate Finance and Asset Management.

Our area of practice is Spain, although we also advise companies with international interests. We have a diverse client portfolio, ranging from entrepreneurs and businessmen to private and institutional investors.

When advising, we pay special attention to investment. To this end, we offer our clients our team’s wide expertise and experience in the area of investment.

This allows us to face challenges with distinction and understand the motivations of all of the people involved in each transaction.

What do we believe?

At Seabird Capital we believe in the following ethical principles, which govern our everyday actions:

We advise people.

We are our clients’ partners.

We invest our time and heart in each investment process.

We believe that talent and continuous effort are tools for achieving success.

Exceptional things happen with work and audacity.