We invest in your future plans

In Spain there is a wide set of companies with traditional management that operate in fragmented sectors.

At the same time, there is a shortage of private equity investors with financial and strategic experience that the shareholders and entrepreneurs of those companies can count on to carry out operations such as the sale of their companies or development capital, among other processes.

At Seabird Capital we want to help with our investment and knowledge in those procedures in which we can add value both for the company and for the people who comprise it.

Investment criteria

The criteria by which we analyze potential interest are as follows:


  • Turnover from € 1.0M and positive EBITDA.


  • Except real estate and financial. Preference for fragmented industries, with barriers to entry and without technological risk.


  • In Buy-Out operations, capital substitution or development.

What does Seabird Capital contribute?

  • We co-invest with investors and entrepreneurs related to Seabird Capital, with whom we share the same investment philosophy.
  • We invest in teams in which we can develop our experience to take companies to the next phase.
  • We provide flexible capital both in time and in structuring, being able to cover minorities and majorities.
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